Hi there, I’m near. I work at the intersection of AI and startups with emphasis on how we can use AI/tech to steer the world in a positive direction. Prior to this I worked at one of the larger AI labs, and prior to that I focused on building a ton of fun side projects. I love building beautiful and fun products and currently operate several consumer AI apps.

I have a ton of other interests including VR, longevity, infosec, finance, music theory, software engineering, rationality, and anime.

The most impactful field seems to be AI right now. Longevity, bioengineering, coordination mechanisms, and VR/AR will be pretty huge this decade too if you ask me.

Feel free to send me a message anywhere you see me! You can DM me on Twitter, email me at near at this domain, or send me feedback on this page.


I don’t publish most of what I write, but some posts make it onto this website. My most read posts here are:


I love music and play several instruments, with my favorite currently being piano and my past favorites having been 8-string guitar and drums.

My favorite genres of music are artcore (examples: Xi, An), symphonic video game music (examples: FFXIV OST, Nier:Automata OST), progressive, instrumental, melodic, and djent metal (examples: Animals as Leaders, Uneven Structure, Undead Corporation, Arch Enemy), and Japanese/Weeaboo (examples: Touhou remixes, anime OP/EDs).

My favorite games are currently Beatsaber and VRChat, with past favorites including various MMOs such as FFXIV, Runescape, WoW.

Unfortunately I’m not able to play games and be a catboy on the Internet full time, so I spend most of my time working in some form or another nowadays.